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gucci mane and miley cyrus

As a fan of gucci mane, I've enjoyed his lyrical play with the notions of white. He regularly describes his white or clear diamonds as "caucasian" and occasionally personifies these ideas. Consider on "diamonds," from the GucciAmerica mixtape: "Miley Cyrus diamonds on/Caucasian 'cuz I'm not racist."

Now Miley Cyrus has had her say.

In an interview, Cyrus explains that she likes Gucci Mane and OJ da Juiceman. Actually, she turns to her assistant and asks, "who do I like?" and is told she likes the brick squad rappers. She says she can't really distinguish what they are saying, so I don't know if it is a mutual name-check.

Sort of like dogs who sniff each other's asses to get the smell of long-gone turds, the feedback loop of fame has got to come with some hints of really strange anal gland.

Consider Snoop Dogg, who at one point was so threatening to North American power structures that he had to win some VMAs and become the new Oprah. Consider his new song where he positions himself inside the story-line of the TV show True Blood, as a suitor of the main character Sookie.

How'd he get here? Dogg had to create a public persona, a character of Snoop Dogg. He did the job of playing the stereotype of America's pimp (Huggy Bear) so well was that he got stuck with the job, and now becomes the tame stand-in. Check the youtube video of Larry King and Snoop Dogg driving around the TV lot in Snoop's 64.

When Snoop Dogg was on trial for murder, separating his life from his songs was harder for many Americans, because they were invested in believing the stereotype of black man = killer. Now, his character can casually propose a three-way between himself and the two main characters of the TV show, AT THE SAME TIME as hosting his "reality" TV show as a father and family man who gives thoughtful advice to his teenage children.

When memes collide, we can get a chance to see how those networks of meaning make sense to people in a new perspective. I'll predict the future. Miley Cyrus wants to learn to rap, and desiring street cred in her post-teen years, calls on Gucci as vocal coach. Gucci, who makes pop-gangster music, collaborates and hijacks the brand all the way to a variety television show, where they become the new Sonny and Cher.

Watch it happen.

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