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Drinking for the children: Wine and Ale Gala benefits preschool

Drinking for the children: Wine and Ale Gala benefits preschool
Times Standard 11/1/07

On Saturday November third the Woodside Preschool hosts their 34th annual Wine and Ale Tasting Gala. The event is a traditional seasonal fundraiser for a local non-profit parent cooperative preschool and offers a tantalizing evening.

Coinciding with Eureka’s Arts Alive, the event will showcase local brewers and vintners. In this case visitors will get a chance to sample more than ten different artisan brews and wine. Keeping the event local, the organizers promise tasty regional finger food – chocolates, Henry’s Olives and Cypress Grove cheese to balance out the flavors of the beverage.

Silent auctions and a “Dutch Lottery” offer a chance to come home from the food and drink gala with some goodies. Local businesses have donated gifts and gift certificates for the event – don’t miss your chance to win!

Musical guests Brian Powell and Matt Brunner from Wrangletown will keep toes tapping with their bluegrass shimmy.

The Woodside Preschool is the oldest preschool operating in Eureka with a dedicated core of parent volunteers. The school is run by a hired director, who is also a teacher, and a board of directors made up of parents. Much of the classroom work is done by parent volunteers. The school is intended to encourage parent participation to build a solid and healthy foundation for young people and strong community relations.

The school maintains a teacher-student ratio of 1:5; thanks to their healthy dose of volunteers, and is able to encourage student-centered learning opportunities.

Tickets are available at the door for $25, and available pre-sale for $20. For tickets call 445-9132. This event is only for people over twenty-one years of age.

The Wine and Ale Tasting Gala is an enjoyable and regional-friendly event. The Woodside Preschool is a worthy cause. Activate your taste buds, quaff some great drinks and support this Gala with your presence.
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