kingmaxwell (kingmaxwell) wrote,

letter to the editor on the Eureka Zoo

I'm a critic of the zoo. tomorrow night the rich people in my area will get together to get drunk at the zoo. Seems bad for animals and the people. So I wrote a letter to the editor that was published in Thursday October 4's Times Standard. Here is my letter

On Friday, Oct. 5, Humboldt's elite will gather for a Zootini, a black-tie party at the Sequoia Park Zoo with drinks and gourmet food at a cost of $100 per person. An event created for rich people to get drunk around kidnapped animals seems inherently cruel and in terrible taste.

The Sequoia Park Zoo is one of the smallest in North America, and offers a shallow view of a few captive animals taken out of their habitats and thrust into a public venue. There are dozens of wonderful cruelty-free alternatives for families to experience the natural world in this area that the zoo can be an easy skip. Consider hiking the Samoa Dunes or visiting the Natural History Museum as easy alternatives.

And there are lots of great local environmental causes that could use the money that is going to the zoo. To all the donors who are putting on your tuxedos and gowns to have a cocktail to cruelty: stop, and consider sharing your money with another cause. The Sequoia Park Zoo has been open for 100 years, and I believe that is long enough for a cruel and a counter-educational institution to exist.

Maxwell Schnurer

Tags: activism, animal rights, zoo

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